John 1:4-5 ESV
In him was life, and the life was the light of men.  The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome i

This day has brought a thousand burdened thoughts
Of goals unmet and actions all for naught;
Of aspirations not to be achieved,
Of love’s embrace desired but not received.

The world is dark around with pain and fright,
Though midday, still it seems the dead of night;
Nurture not returned and love grows cold,
A sheep without a shepherd or a fold.

Is there a light that drives darkness away?
Can midnight in my soul be turned to day?
There is a Light that conquers all that’s wrong;
It’s in this light I seek to find a home.

True light is found despite our toil and tears,
True light will overcome all doubts and fears;
True light is Life that shows the way to live;
True Life is One who came His life to give.

My heart desires to live bathed in this light,
From which my inner turmoil will take flight;
So, to the place of solace I will go
Where beams of holy comfort can be known.

This comfort comes from lingering in prayer
And giving to the Light-source all my care;
The altar opens to the throne of God,
His Life gives light and lifts the way I trod.

So, what about those thousand thoughts of pain?
Can dwelling on them beget any gain?
No!  Dwell instead upon the holy Light,
To feel and know God’s love and grace and might.


Job 38:4, 7 ESV
Where were you when I laid the foundation of the earth . . . when the morning stars sang together, and all the sons of God shouted for joy?

Darkness, deep darkness,
Empty void, chasm formless and deep;
Clouds and thick darkness,
Are surrounding the Source of all things,
Life himself.

God’s Holy Spirit,
Brooding long o’re the formless, dark deep;
Then comes a rumbling,
Heaven’s stirring as formlessness yields;

Righteousness, justice,
The foundation, the rock of the world;
Wisdom and knowledge,
Breaking forth and the darkness gives way;
Chasm fills.

Light fills the darkness,
Making night seem as bright as the day;
Morning stars singing,
Making known, giving praise, shouting loud;

He who is Wisdom,
By His knowledge and glory and pow’r;
Glorious Godhead,
From eternity past bringing forth

The sun, moon, and stars
Plants and trees giving fruit from their seed;
Fish in the ocean,
And the animals; highest of all

A poem based on a teaching from the early church father John Chrysostom

Romans 8:34 ESV
Christ Jesus is the one who died – more than that, who was raised – who is at the right hand of God, who indeed is interceding for us.

Lord Jesus, pray for me!
The hardest part you’ve done,
Obeying God the Father when He gave his only Son.

Lord Jesus, pray for me!
Your pleadings are my hope,
To know the peace and love and joy that’s promised here below.

Lord Jesus, pray for me!
Your resurrection proves
All power and authority forever rests in you.

Lord Jesus, pray for me!
There seated on your throne,
The grace and strength I need for life are giv’n by you alone.

Lord Jesus, pray for me!
For You are life itself;
The Fount of every blessing and the Source who gives us health.

Lord Jesus, pray for me!
Anointed Son of God;
Condemned to death, you saved us and delivered from the rod.

Lord Jesus, pray for me!
The fullness of your love
Is seen from cross to tomb, to sending us the heavn’ly Dove.

Lord Jesus, pray for me!
What need have I to fear?
Why tremble, when your promises prove that you’re always near.

Lord Jesus, pray for me!
Your loving child I am;
Secure in life and death because of you, the Paschal Lamb.

Lord Jesus, pray for me!
Your witness I will be;
Elected, justified, redeemed; I’ll live my life for Thee.

October 19, 2020

Autumn leaves – their brilliant colors capture sight and call forth admiration’s song.
Autumn leaves – the hues of yellow, red and green and brown are vivid just so long.
Autumn leaves – they cling so tightly to the limb and branch that gave them life and home.
Autumn leaves – must finally give in to weather’s wind and rain and winter’s cold.
Autumn leaves – falling, spinning, twirling down like graceful dancers, falling free.
Autumn leaves – some fall alone, some fall in mass, all fall in time; a barren tree.
A barren tree – once home to many thousand leaves, now barren sticks for winter’s cold.
But spring will come – new buds will form on branch’s tip as life resumes the cycle old.