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Well, here goes my first attempt at blogging.  I know this is “old hat” to some, but putting my own thoughts and ideas down – my “musings and contemplations” – is a big step for me.  In my preaching and writing and Facebook posting, I’ve put out a lot of things that other people have said – giving proper credit, of course – only accidental plagiarism here.  I feel comfortable sharing the good things that other people have to say.  I enjoy passing on thoughts and insights that have helped me, in hopes that they will help others, too.  But do I have anything really worthwhile to say from my own “musings and contemplations?”  I usually don’t think my viewpoint is worth sharing – or that anyone is really interested.  But we shall see.  Here goes . . .

This is the second day of June.  In our church, I am planning a spiritual growth emphasis in prayer and Scripture memory this summer.  Since I am preaching through Romans chapters 6 thru 8 this summer, I am challenging our congregation to memorize Romans chapter 8 by the first Sunday in September.  Then starting today, we are participating in the Ten Days of Prayer leading up to the Global Day of Prayer on June 12.  Then in July, we will spend sixteen days in special prayer for the United States of America.  Our summer wraps up with a month-long emphasis in August – “Thirty Days of Prayer for the Muslim World during Ramadan.”

None of these require extra time away from home or family.  All that is required is to choose to use some discretionary time each day to pray for the specific request(s) for that day, and to work on the particular verses from Romans.  Will our folks choose to participate?  If they do not, does that show that I am not a good leader?  What does it take to motivate people to grow?  I know the Holy Spirit must work, but leaders are called to lead – like a shepherd goes out in front of the sheep to lead them to the place of water and pasture.  Time spent in prayer and the Word is the fresh grazing land for God’s “sheep.”  Will they go there?  I hope so . . .

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